What Secrets does the Lead Customer keep?

In a modern era, lead denotes a potential customer responding to the marketing communication in any possible way. The term was created to denote a potential buyer contact obtained for subsequent managerial work with a client. The most precise explanation for this term is” the customer who showed interest”. Before, the term was used in management theory to describe the methods and practices used to attract new potential customers.

Actually, Lidgen or AEC Leads can be considered the foundation of any business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small-or large-scale business. Moreover, it enables communication with the people who are concerned about results, so the opportunities of selling become outstanding.


If you now think about advertising, you’re right. But the advertising is only a part of the Lead Generation System. If you pay for advertising, and don’t collect contact data coming from people, you spend a large part of their funds in the shuffle. Why? Everything is very simple. See the example:

Advertising module 157 x 89 mm in the weekly free newspaper Extra-H in the newspaper costs you 27,000 USD for accommodation per week. Audience of one number Extra-N counts 220000 people. For you, the target of these are, for example, 10% or 22 000. Of these, 2,000 people are interested in your ad, and they call you. This means that a single touch you have paid 27000/2000 = 13.5 dollars seems not a lot, huh? And you know how much does it cost to send an email? If you don’t know, I will tell you a big secret – 00 USD 00 pence!

You actually pay for it to find out what your item of interest to a specific person actually is. But in your company, for example, incoming calls from the clients don’t collect contact data, which means that your lidgen cannot work. It turns out that instead of a call or sending a letter with a proposal to the needed person, you need to spend money again to draw it.

Thus, the true meaning of the concept of “lidgen” is a collection database of potential customers. When should one start collecting this base? The correct answer is yesterday! If you didn’t have time to start yesterday, start doing it now!

What are the modern benefits of AEC Leads?

This isn’t a secret that both private and public customers can be easily reachable via a plethora of online platforms such as search engine marketing, social media profiles and drip email marketing options. The amount of opportunities for market is quite limited in the case with both large- and small-scale business, since the management isn’t always ready to introduce the changes to the online digital strategies and opportunities. One should keep in mind that AEC organizations that generate more than a half of their leads online grow at least 250-500% faster than their competitors. Thus, we can make a conclusion that a carefully planned and executed ABC leads program me is extremely beneficial.

The above are indeed the the top secrets that a lead customer should keep in mind so as to be successful in the lead program.

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