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The world of technology has a lot of changes that happen on an almost daily basis, if not today, tomorrow a new and better software application will be released. With all releases and other noteworthy events, there is a never ending need for the readers who follow these developments to be updated at all times. This is where we come into the picture, and have been for close to two decades.

With the world in need of good reads of updates that affect their daily technology enhanced lives, our platform serves thousands of readers with the most insightful news that they can use to be better at either work or even in school. We have since found ourselves as the most sought after content providers.

The times have been changing a lot since we started writing content directed at the smart audience that comes to read the articles that are published on a regular basis. All the growth that can be seen through the number of subscribers has always triggered action that matches their expectations and exceeds their demand by making hourly articles that encourage conversation and also enriches their minds of the matters they care the most about.