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Exchange Server optimization

Microsoft’s upcoming Sharepoint 2016 product for businesses working on massive amounts of work files on a central storage locations will bring a lot of advantages that are sure to get users of previous versions rushing on board. However, the use of Sharepoint 2016 without the inclusion of services from Office Online is a short deal to the capabilities the pair will equip your company with.

Here is a look into what the pair will do for your Exchange server

While the applications will be completely different installations, when integrated, you can extend skype for business, sharing of files, exchange and local websites through the conversion of files into locally hostable HTML code. Afterall the fact that you can access files in the browser should alert you that some sort of website is involved whenever you are using office online, regardless the fact that it can be hosted locally.

Online viewing and editing capabilities on all your privileged documents is one common result that should come as no surprise to users of both services in the past. While the local versions of documents will have more edit options, online access also allows plenty of alterations to even excel sheets from one look to a totally different one. Font changes, numbers and formulas additions are just a few of the changes possible.

Excel services have been partially moved from sharepoint into Office Online. This means you would have to deploy the Office Online services to be able to carry on working with the excel services previously accessible using versions of sharepoint before the 2016 update.

There is the issue of durable links, these are resource location based urls of documents that allow work files to be copied and pasted in different directories without changing the url associated with the document. This is a very practical feature that will help sharing a document even as it develops and moves from site to site. Say you have a drafts folder and a submitted folder for documents, once you create a document, it is assigned a url that will help locating it no matter where it is relocated to.

One other added functionality that comes with the pair is the ability to browse files in the Sharepoint Server using the Office Online browser view and see the contents of any document you select from results before requesting for it. Editing small document traits from this point is very time saving if you are looking to change a single line (maybe dates) across an entire document location’s contents.

These attractive capabilities should be more than enough for users of Exchange Servers willing to migrate into the 2016 versions and use it along with Office Online. This will reduce the stress of adjusting to the changes in Sharepoint 2016 and even bring valuable added functionality with the points predicted. While sharepoint has not been released yet, the changes will be enough to make future planning companies align their users towards the integrated use of both applications.

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