20 Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services

Two days ago the fortune magazine announced the 100 best IT company philadelphia to work for. Fortune Magazine is known for the annual ranking. They base their results on how companies support other businesses like design, legal, etc. This is through offering them work. The employer offers good conditions for the employees, have good communication skills and flexible schedules.

it company philadelphia

They evaluated about 600 companies and surveyed about 30,000 employees in the industry and this was the outcome.

20. CHG Healthcare services

It is based in Salt Lake City. It was founded in 1979 and it has about 7 station within the country. It has1, 833 employees. They believe in giving positive feedback to the employees for them to be more efficient. They also reward their employees in case a customer was satisfied by his or her service.

19. Roth staffing companies

They offer quarterly reviews of each individual, applauding their services as well as advising them. It is located in Orange, Calif and has 532 employees.

18. Talent Plus

Located in Lincoln, Nelb. Has 106 employees. Every employees is treated with dignity because each of them has an important role in the company.

17. Torch Technologies

It is based in Huntsville, Ala. It offers employment to 379 people. It is known for being loyal to their employees and in case of crisis they team up to help.

16. HRMS Solution

It is based in Boulder, Colo. It has about 11 employees. It is known for developing employee’s talents. It also encourages interaction among the employees creating a strong bond.

15. Bakers Donelson

It is located in Memphis. It has about 1376 employees. Their CEO is friendly and approachable. He actually respond to emails from employees.

14. Prosci

Located in Fort Collins, C.O. It has 46 employees. Employees in this place have a voice. They have meeting where each employee has a right to talk and give ideas.

13. The Boston Consulting Group

It is located in Boston and has about 3023 employees. It is known for its team work. It ensures that the employees feel like they are at home and help them nurture their abilities.

12. Service Express

It is based in Grand Rapid, Mich. The 323 employees consider the company transparent and one can access documents easily.

11. Amaxra

Located in Redmond, Wash with 28 employees. They have weekly lunch which is bought by the company and have a discussion on three topics including their issues as employees.

10. Xplane

It is located in Portland, Ore. It has 32 employees. They are not afraid of their employers and tend to pinch in ideas that are relevant to the business.

9. Plante Moran

It is based in Southfield, Mich. It has approximately 3000 employees. Many employees recommend it because of the fact that they thrive in helping employees to have work/life balance.

8. Cooley

The 1,694 employees are given a state-of-firm document that give them direction in terms of past performance and objectives. It is based in Palo Alto, Cali.

7. Slalom

It is in Seattle. It is known for dedicating its time and money to educate its employees. This way help them growth in their career.

6. PPR Talent Management

It is in Jacksonville, Fla. It has 110 employees. It has equal opportunity to each employee whether CEO or a cleaner.

5. Point B

It is located in Seattle. They call each other owners. It is family based. They believe each person is a leader. It has about 500 employees.

4. Disher

It is in Zeeland, Mich. It has 59 employees who each has an impact on the business growth. They are allowed to give ideas or opinion about the business.

3. Neighborhood Loans

Based in Lombard III. It has 103 employees. They have good working conditions and every employee tend to fit in on the first day. They appreciate the hard work that you put in the business.

2. Mammoth HR

It has 45 employees in Portland, Ore. Known for its flexible schedule and environment. This way, every employee personal preferences has been considered.

1. Kimley-Horn

It is in Raleigh, N.C, it has about 2500 employees. It is in the first place because its first priority is the employees. They interact and have a strong bond with each other. This leads to them being a successful business.

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