Top IT Companies in the World

IT companies toronto have revolutionized the entire world population and how things are run in almost all sectors be it business or industry. Various companies have entered in to this competitive sector and most of them have been successful in running their businesses. Here is a list on some of the top IT companies in the


The company came to the limelight in 2004 when it saw an increase of 6 percent in its revenues. Currently, it has a revenue of over $55.8 billion each year. The IT Company deals with the manufacture of semiconductor devices such as Integrated circuits. Most Central processing units of computers this day are made by the company.


Known for owning one of the biggest search engine in the world, Google has experienced a tremendous growth in the last recent years. In the smart phone world which has grown remarkably over the past, google seems to dominate with its android system. The system features most of google products which are used by android smartphone users each day. The IT Company has a revenue of over $71.4 billion each passing year.


With a current revenue of over $86.8 billion each year, Microsoft owner Bill Gates is known to be one of the richest man in the world. He started the company from scratch by himself and it is now a multinational company which deals with both hardware and software systems. Most computers use the Microsoft operating system and the company has managed to come up with its own mobile smartphones recently.


This is the biggest shopping website in the entire world. It brought the concept of online shopping earlier than anyone else and the IT Company now rakes in a revenue of over $89 billion each year. Other than just online shopping, Amazon has thrown itself into other technology related fields such as cloud computing and application hosting. The cloud computing concept is fast gaining popularity and is the next big thing in the enterprise sector. This leaves a promising future for Amazon which many have predicted is still growing and may be the biggest IT companies in the next few years.


This is currently the biggest and most lucrative IT Company in the world. Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple is one of the richest persons in the world and has managed to appear on the Forbes list a couple of times. It is hard not to him when the company he developed boasts of a revenue of $182.2 billion each year. It came took over the IT industry when its revenue rose a whopping 7 percent in 2014. The company deals with personal computing devices such as Mac Books, Mobile devices such as iPhones and software for its hardware systems. It has also developed other hardware devices for entertainment such as the iPod.

The IT industry is a lucrative sector although it has stiff competition. IT companies go about the competition by trying to be inventive and innovative in their products which is what makes the industry what it is.

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